California county plans heavy monitoring after DUI convictions

On behalf of The Law Offices of Michael L. Davidson posted in Drunk Driving Charges on Friday, November 1, 2013.

Those who have been charged for driving under the influence of alcohol are probably well aware of the consequences for being convicted in California. In addition to all of the fines and potential time in jail, first-time DUI offenders are also subject to temporary license suspension. If a person faces subsequent charges, the potential penalties only increase in severity.

Law enforcement officials in Placer County recently announced a plan to turn up the scrutiny on those who are convicted for felony or multiple DUI offenses. Beyond the criminal sentence and license revocation, individuals in this Northern California county could be subjected to intense monitoring conducted by local police.

Placer County police officers will be conducting random home searches and chemical screening for those who are considered to be “high-risk” DUI offenders. The apparent goal of this is to ensure compliance with court orders. Whatever the case, it’s just one more thing for individuals dealing with drunk driving charges to be concerned about.

The county is conducting this program with the help of a grant issued by the California Office of Traffic Safety. At this point, there is no indication of how widespread this program is or will become.

This story shows that the effects of drunk driving convictions can last for many years. Of course, DUI charges should always be taken seriously, but the stakes are higher for those with multiple charges or felony charges. In these situations, focusing on rehabilitative efforts could be much more effective if the case involves chemical dependency.

Source: Rocklin and Roseville Today, “Placer County to Monitor High Risk DUI Offenders,” Oct. 30, 2013

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