California man faces drunk driving charges after fatal crash

On behalf of The Law Offices of Michael L. Davidson posted in Drunk Driving Charges on Tuesday, November 26, 2013.

A man has recently been arrested on multiple charges regarding a fatal car accident. California police have accused the man of drunk driving charges as well as manslaughter after a head-on collision that killed the other driver and slightly injured the man’s child who was riding with him. He is currently being held without bail.

According to the report, the 41-year-old man and his young son were driving south on Old Elsinore Road in Riverside. At around 1:15 p.m., his Dodge pickup truck allegedly crossed the median and into opposing traffic. Police suspect that the Dodge pickup truck ran head-on into a GMC pickup truck driven by a 62-year-old man.

The collision caused the GMC to catch fire and trap the older man inside his vehicle, causing his death. The man and his son were taken to an area hospital and treated for minor injuries. The report does not state whether a field sobriety test was given after the crash, nor if the hospital administered a blood alcohol test.

After being treated at the hospital, the man was immediately arrested for driving under the influence, manslaughter, child endangerment and other charges. If a field sobriety test or a blood alcohol test were not administered, it could be difficult for California prosecutors to prove that the man was engaged in drunk driving. If so, the drunk driving charges against the man could not result in a criminal conviction. However, the man clearly has a challenging road ahead of him as he prepares his criminal defense against all of the charges.

Source:, DUI Suspect Charged With Manslaughter, Toni Mcallister, Nov. 18, 2013

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