DUI / DWI for Non-California Residents

A Special Note to Non-California Residents Who Received a DUI / DWI

We aggressively defend people accused of driving under the influence DUI / DWI even if you are not a California resident. Many of our clients have had the unfortunate experience of being charged here in the in the San Francisco Bay Area while vacationing, visiting family and friends or while on a business trip. We have more than thirty five years of experience successfully defending people against drunk driving charges, and we will aggressively seek to keep you out of jail and protect your right to drive if you are charged with DUI. If you are an out-of-state resident, please contact us for an initial free over-the-phone consultation at 650-573-8000.

What Non-California Residents Should Know about DUI / DWI

It is advised that if you are an out-of-state driver and you are arrested for DUI / DWI in California, request that the law enforcement official do not take your license for it may impact your ability to travel back into your home state, especially if you are flying.

You will receive a notice that your California driving privileges will be suspended for 30 days. However, if you act quickly, within 10 days, to secure meeting with the California DMV – a DMV Administrative Per Se hearing, this will be an important act to keep your California driving privileges valid until a final outcome is reached.

What Your State May Know About Your DUI / DWI

California, like many other states, will inform your home state about your DUI arrest. This multi-state cooperative is called the “Driver’s License Compact” Upon your state receiving this information from California’s Department of Motor Vehicles, depending on the particular law within any given state, it may treat that offense as if it occurred at home. You may be subject to any and all fines and penalties. Hence, it is important to defend your rights and fight your DUI conviction in California to reflect the final charges which will ultimately transfer back your home state.

You May Not Need to Be Here To Fight Your California DUI

Working with an experience attorney in California who has the knowledge and track record of representing out-of-state DUI cases will be an extreme advantage in increasing your chances of getting your DUI fines and penalties reduced, if not altogether dismissed.

Contact an Experienced DUI / DWI Attorney

The Law Offices of Michael L. Davidson will diligently defend you against all charges. We have been successful trial lawyers for many years in the San Francisco Bay Area, and have helped thousands of people beat their DUI charges. If you are our client, we will be your strong advocate in the courtroom in all negotiations with the District Attorney as well as the Judge and DMV.

If you are stopped for DUI in California, Northern California, or anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, call The Law Offices of Michael L. Davidson at 650-389-5595 to talk to an attorney about representing you in defense of your DUI / DWI arrest.

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