First DUI Offense

Your First DUI Offense is hopefully your last. Do what you can to ensure this. The law is quite punitive if convicted and even more so for a subsequent offense. Time is critical to secure a qualified & experienced San Mateo DUI attorney. The penalties for your first DUI can be very serious including jail time, substantial fines, probation, court-imposed alcohol programs, increased car insurance premiums, and loss of employment and employment opportunities.

1st DUI Offense – Penalties and Punishments

1st Offense, No prior DUI Offense can result in a suspended license for six months, one to 5 years probation, fines, time behind bars, and substantial increase in auto insurance. Depending on your profession, a first DUI offense could result in losing your job if it prevents you from driving certain commercial vehicles. Some employers may automatically terminate employees even with a first DUI offense.

DUI Arrest — What happens now? (taken from the California DMV website)

The officer is required by law to immediately forward a copy of the completed notice of suspension or revocation form and any driver license taken into possession, with a sworn report to the DMV. The DMV automatically conducts an administrative review that includes an examination of the officer’s report, the suspension or revocation order, and any test results. If the suspension or revocation is upheld during the administrative review, you may request a hearing to contest the suspension or revocation.

You have the right to request a hearing from the DMV within 10 days of receipt of the suspension or revocation order. If the review shows there is no basis for the suspension or revocation, the action will be set aside. You will be notified by the DMV in writing only if the suspension or revocation is set aside following the administrative review.

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