How to Avoid a DUI

Drunk Driving? We Can Help You Avoid a DUI

We tell all of our clients that the best investment they can make is to keep a $100 bill in their wallet or purse. If you are out and have had too much to drink, you will have enough money to get yourself home without driving. If you do drink and drive and are arrested for driving under the influence, call  650-573-8000 to reach the The Law Offices of Michael L. Davidson in San Mateo, California. We will aggressively defend you against Greater Bay Area DUI charges.

We are often asked the best way to avoid a DUI, and we have to admit that there are no magic formulas or secret handshakes. There is only common sense.

  • The number one way to avoid a DUI is to not do it. Don’t drink and drive! If you intend to drink during an evening out, have a designated driver, and hold him or her to the pledge not to drink. If your designated driver does drink or becomes sick, do not drive anyway. Your judgment may be impaired and you risk being stopped.
  • If your designated driver falls through, call a taxi or sleep it off in a hotel or even a park bench. The important thing is to eliminate the possibility of getting a DUI. The cost of a taxi or hotel is much cheaper than that of a DUI.
  • Do not stay in your car, however. While the law is clear that you should not drive, many police officers will accuse individuals sleeping it off in a car with DUI–against California law. If you do sleep in the car, make sure to take the keys out of the ignition and place them outside of the vehicle.
  • If you drive and are caught, then seek the best possible legal representation immediately!

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If you have been accused of drinking and driving, contact the DUI defense lawyers at The Law Offices of Michael L. Davidson in San Mateo at  650-573-8000.

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