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When you received your California driver’s license, you signed off on ‘implied consent’ to give police and law enforcement authorities the right to pull you over and search your vehicle if they suspected illegal activities, such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But implied consent does not mean that police have the right to make a traffic stop without probable cause that laws are being violated. It does also not give police the right to search your vehicle and confiscate property without reasonable evidence of a criminal act or property used in the execution of a criminal offense.

Implied Consent Lawyer in San Mateo

If you have been charged with DUI or a related traffic violation in the San Francisco Bay Area, talk to an attorney at The Law Offices of Michael L. Davidson, in San Mateo. Police violations of constitutional rights requiring probable cause, and search and seizure laws often result in a dismissal of misdemeanor or felony DUI charges. We thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your traffic arrest and challenge every component of implied consent, including:

  • Probable cause for the traffic stop
  • Field sobriety tests and interpretation of results
  • Illegal search and seizure of open containers and other property
  • Blood and breath test procedures and results

Implied consent does not give police and authorities the right to violate your civil rights. Talk to an attorney at The Law Offices of Michael L. Davidson right away. From our offices in San Mateo, we represent clients who have been charged with DUI in communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact our offices to schedule a free consultation with experienced San Mateo implied consent lawyers today.

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