Most Important Things to Do After Being Stopped for a DUI

Drunk Driving? We Can Help You Avoid the Biggest Mistakes after Being Stopped for DUI

At the The Law Offices of Michael L. Davidson in San Mateo, we have been defending people against DUI charges for more than thirty-five years. We know being stopped by the California Highway Patrol for suspicion of driving under the influence is stressful and scary. If you call us, we assure you that you will get through it. We’ll do everything possible to help you avoid jail, save your driver’s license, and minimize the financial consequences. If you have been pulled over, contact us at 650-573-8000 as soon as possible to get the best outcome for your case.

What to Do If You Are Stopped

Be polite: The most important thing you can do is to be polite to law enforcement. You know your rights, and should assert them, but do so with respect and restraint. Do not be aggressive, swear, or threaten. Remember–if the officer does arrest you, the next move is in his or her hands. The officer can drop you off at a closer facility that will be more convenient for all concerned, or can go out of his or her way to make things difficult and take you to the county jail.

Be cautious of roadside sobriety tests: If you are certain you are legally intoxicated, you may choose to refuse the roadside sobriety tests. A roadside breath test should also be refused, unless it is an evidentiary breath test or E-Pass test.

Retain a DUI defense lawyer: Call 650-573-8000 to speak to an attorney at your earliest opportunity if you have been stopped. The only way to minimize the consequences of a DUI stop effectively is to retain qualified counsel.

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If you have been accused of drinking and driving, contact The Law Offices of Michael L. Davidson in San Mateo, California to discuss your case.

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