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Drunk Driving? We Can Help…Save Your License

The The Law Offices of Michael L. Davidson helps people protect their license if they have been accused of driving under the influence in San Mateo or anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. We will aggressively defend you against the DUI charges and do all we can to ensure your driving privileges remain intact. If you have been accused of DUI in the Greater Bay area, call my office at 650-573-8000 to discuss saving your driver’s license.

The California state legislature empowered police officers to act in the place of a judge and administer state law, not just enforce it. Without going to traffic court, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and police officers can take the driver’s license of the accused, and issue a temporary 30-day license. Do not confuse this temporary driver’s license with the amount of time to challenge your license suspension. You have only 10 days to request a hearing. If you miss that deadline, your license will be suspended .

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Unfortunately, it is more difficult to win a civil hearing against the DMV since standard of proof is different than it is in court. The DMV only has to prove their case by the preponderance of the evidence (51%), rather than a reasonable doubt (100%) standard that applied to court. To save your license, you need a lawyer who can act quickly and effectively in your defense–in San Mateo County, you need Michael Davidson. Using our extensive experience, we will strive to put DMV in a position where they cannot legally make their case, thereby saving your license.

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If you have been accused of driving under the influence in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact an experienced DUI defense attorney at The Law Offices of Michael L. Davidson at 650-573-8000 immediately for aggressive defense in trying to save your license.

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