Vehicular Homicide Accidents

Vehicular homicide may be charged against either driver involved in a car accident. Often, prosecutors are quick to look for any evidence of an elevated blood alcohol count (BAC). There is an automatic assumption on the part of law enforcement officials that car accidents involving a DUI are almost always the fault of the drunk driver. Being charged with DUI after an accident that cost the life of a passenger or other driver in the San Francisco Bay Area means that you will be facing felony DUI manslaughter or vehicular homicide charges.

San Mateo Vehicular Homicide Accident Attorneys

At The Law Offices of Michael L. Davidson, we protect your rights against unfair charges. A DUI charge does not necessarily mean that you caused the accident or the death of the person at the scene. We work with independent experts to reconstruct the accident and thoroughly investigate the evidence. We prepare and present the clearest, strongest case possible to avoid a wrongful felony conviction.

Our San Mateo lawyers have been protecting the rights of people charged with DUI and related driving offenses for more than 40 years. We won’t judge you for the charges you face. We believe in your right to full and fair justice under the law, and we see to it that you don’t face unfair punishment and penalties. Because we prepare our cases with integrity, we have earned respect from prosecutors and judges. When we sit down to talk about reducing or dropping charges, the prosecutors know we have our evidence in order.

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From our offices in San Mateo, we represent clients charged with DUI charges throughout the communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact our offices to schedule a free consultation with an experienced vehicular homicide attorney today.

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